Discovering Geneva

And its surrounding

  • The Old Town of Geneva
    As you stroll through the paved streets of the old town of Geneva, you will discover the city's hidden gems: Saint Gervais on the right bank of the Rhône and Cité-Centre on the left bank.
  • Saint Pierre Cathedral
    The cathedral is the most visited monument in Geneva. Just 10 minutes away from the Hôtel de la Cigogne, Saint Pierre Cathedral's towers offer you a unique view of the city of Geneva and Lake Léman
  • The Water jet
    You can admire Geneva's famous Water Jet, or Jet d'Eau, which rises over 140 metres into the air in the heart of the Bay, from our hotel near Lake Léman.
  • The flower Clock
    Just 100 metres from the hotel, discover Geneva's most visited flowerbed! This floral masterpiece, which changes with the seasons, has existed since 1955.
  • The Palace of Nation
    The Palace of Nations, initially built to house the League of Nations in the early 20th century, is now home to the United Nations' headquarters.
  • Geneva's museums
    The city of Geneva is home to 40 museums dedicated to the arts (the Art and History Museum, Centre for Contemporary Art), botany (the Conservatory and Botanical Garden), literature (the Voltaire Institute), science (the Natural History Museum).....
  • Lake Léman
    One of the great pleasures of discovering Geneva and its surrounding area is exploring the lake, famous for its Riviera-like ambiance